Yearbook ladder diagram

YEARBOOK LADDER DIAGRAM q 302 q 304 q 306 q 308 q 310 q 312 q 314 q 316 q 318 q 320 q 323 q 324 q 326 q 328 q 330 q 332 q 334 q 336 q 338 q 340 q 342 q 344 q 346 q 348 q 350 LEFT HAND PAGE RIGHT HAND

PAGE. q 351 q 353 q 355 q 357 q 359 q 361 q 363 q 365 q 367 q 369 q 371 q 373 q 375 q 377 q 379 q 381 q 383 q 385 q 387 q 389 q 391 q 393 q 395 q LADDER DIAGRAM - SADDLESTITCHED YEARBOOKS TOTAL PAGES DEADLINE 1 DEADLINE 2 Refer to the Page Planning Guide - Saddlestitched for further instruction. “Ladder” is the yearbook term for a page-by-page diagram showing the yearbook’s contents. Spring is a perfect time to plan the

next year’s ladder while recent challenges are fresh in your mind. It is clear that the ladder diagram should not be just another poster on your wall. When used well, it is a plan, a guide, a record of the most important information your yearbook staff will rely on. The ladder, once complete and posted, should serve as the architectural plan of the yearbook. Ladder diagrams are easy to manipulate and change as you figure out exactly where you want each page to be. What to include on a ladder diagram The first step is to determine the number of pages you want in your yearbook. Chronological Yearbooks A reader-friendly and practical approach to telling the authentic story

of your school year. After building steps 1 and 2, completing a ladder diagram for a chronlogical yearbook is easy. Step Step The ladder diagram is a working blueprint of your yearbook. ladder diagram or on this helpful eLadder will help you organize the sections and provide cohesiveness to your yearbook. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back in advance because, once you’ve created the ladder, you have an automatic checklist of everything you have to accomplish to complete your yearbook! Author: Pictavo TeamPhone: (800) 290-0036Location:

1750 Northway Drive North Mankato, MN 56003 United States in your yearbook and the seasonal section in which it will appear. Download a copy of the Chronological Planner at LADDER DIAGRAM: The Ladder Diagram is

where all the details of your yearbook come together. After completing steps 1 and 2, completing the chronological ladder is easy. Download a copy of the Ladder For technical support call: (800) 328-2435 ©2014 Jostens, Inc. All rights reserved; See More Contact Information; Terms of Use & Legal Notices; Privacy

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